$9M in Renovations Continue at Sunset!

 2019-2020 All New Patio and Dining
 All New Entry and Living Room
 All New Dining Area
 All New Lounge Area
 Floor Plan
 2018-2019 Infrastructure Project Completed
 New Exhaust for Kitchen
 New Walk In Boxes Refrigeration
 New Air Handler Unit Board Room
 New Living  Room Air Handler Unit
Old Casual Room Air Handler Unit
 Shelving units installed in new refrigeration space.
 Two New Dish Wash Stations
 Updates week of January 14, 2019
 Installation of New Refrigeration Units Commences
 Slab poured for the beginning of Infrastructure Project in kitchen/refrigeration.
 New Entry cut into Exterior Wall Makes Way for New Refrigeration locker.
 2018 Infrastructure Projects
 Old Men's Card Room HVAC (left) -                     New Men's Card Room HVAC (right)- Summer 2018
 Old Flat Roof - 1990
 New Flat Roof - Summer 2018
 Sunset Room Air Handler - 1957                                  New Sunset Room Air Handler - 2018
 Old Admin. Air Handling Unit                                                          2018 New Split System
Old Washers - 1977                                                             New Washers -2018
 Old Dryer - 1977                                                                              New Dryer 2018
 Old Chiller Pump Station - circa 1970                       New Chiller Pump Station - 2018
 2018 - Hole No. 4 Renovation
 Work Commences on Hole No. 4
 Hole no. 4 - Liner removed
 Hole no. 4 - Liner Removed
 New Liner and Stone Work
 Hole No. 4 - Completed